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About Sebastian Tronolone Jr.


    My name is Sebastian Tronolone Jr. I grew up in Salem Oregon and have always had a passion for Photography. In 1991 I was giving my first video camera from my brother Chris Tronolone. He started filming for a company called Volcom and help film on the first four surf video ever made for Volcom. He took me under his wing and taught me everything he could teach me about video production. I started out as the youngest producer at our local public access station when I was just 14. My brother Chris Tronolone introduced y great friend Jake Price( who now is one of the best Snowboard cinematographers in the world), to the wonderful world of video production. I always wanted to be a photographer and my brother told me that when shooting video you get about 30 frames per second not just one.I just loved thatI could shoot 30 pictures a second. I ended up moving to Maui to learn from my brother and started filming within minutes of getting off the plane, 9we diddnt even wait for my bags to get off the plane. From that moment on I was filming  surfing in Maui at the age of 16 and then we got involved with Kiteboarding. When I started filming kiteboarding, there was only about a dozen people in the world doing it. My brothers, Chris Tronolone, Shanti Berg, and I ended up producing some the first and most influenced Kiteboarding videos on the planet. For more then a decade we made dozens of videos, and over 100 international TV shows for the PKRA, which is the Professional Kiteboarding World Tour. Our shows went out world wide as did our independent Kiteboarding films. Some of our earliest videos were even used to judge the latest contests while new tricks were being pulled off daily. While in Maui I worked with some of the best athletes on the planet while learning to film from the best water cameramen in the world. I'd like to list a few of the athletes I had the pleasure of working with.

Lou Wainman, Elliot leboe, Ruben Lenten, Aaron Hadlow, Jesse Richman, Rush Randle, Chuck Paterson, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Ian Walsh, Tai Vandyke, Kai Henry, Sonny Miller, Paul Ehman, Mick Fleetwood, Barefoot Natives, Willie K, and the list goes on.

I also had the pleasure of filming on the first ever Toe surf Contest at Jaws, ASP, WSL, Vans Triple Crown, Xterra Triathalon,  and again many more.

I now live in Bend Oregon where I can raise my son. the past few years I have been filming shorts for Patagonia called, "Cold Stoke", which is a video series for the web. this has lead me to have such a great honor to film with Gerry Lopez, for his Big Wave Challenge snowboard contest at Mt. Bachelor. you can see the series at

I'm now filming full-time again freelance for Wahoo Films and they have made me they're Director of photography. Working with Wahoo has been great, filming a lot of water restoration projects in oregon and Washington. I've also had the privilege to film and work for Facebook, Microsoft, Deschutes Brewery, Destination Hotels, Bennington Properties, Redmond Airport, Mt. Bachelor, Dynacast, Entek, Crater Lake Vodka, Travel Oregon, Wyden Kennedy, Maui Visitors Buero  Jake Price,

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